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Didactic Conferences

We have protected didactic time on Thursday afternoon for all four years of training. 

The Psychiatry Core Curriculum is a two year curriculum; so, over the course of the four-year residency, residents will go through the core curriculum two times, reinforcing core educational concepts. 

  • Year 1 of the curriculum focuses on the major psychiatric diagnoses in the DSM-5.  Residents will become familiar with the epidemiology, diagnostic criteria and differential diagnosis of all mental disorders. The goal is to become equipped to recognize and differentiate psychiatric diagnosis in order to establish a formulation that will eventually facilitate treatment on the bio-psycho-social model.
  • Year 2 of the curriculum covers major psychotherapeutic and biologic modes of treatment, development, psychologic/neurologic testing, and evidence based psychiatry.

All four PGY groups learn together in the Psychiatry Core Curriculum.  In addition to these shared didactic experiences, the individual PGY groups have separate didactics as well as follows:


  • Risk Assessment
  • Teaching to Teachdidactics.jpg
  • Psychiatric Interviewing
  • Case Formulation/Case Presentation
  • Doctor Patient Relationship
  • Basic psychopharmacology
  • Introduction to Psychotherapy


  • Advanced Psychopharmacology


  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Supervision
  • Cognitive Behavioral and Supportive Psychotherapy Supervision


  • Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Supervision



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