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David Clarkson, M.D., F.A.C.P.

David Clarkson, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Chief and Senior Staff Physician, Medical Oncology Service

USA Mitchell Cancer Institute
1660 Spring Hill Avenue
Mobile, Alabama 36604

Professional Profile

Primary Interests:
- Hematology and lymphomas
- Development and design of electronic medical records software

Education: - B.S., University of Florida
- M.D., University of Florida College of Medicine
- Medical Internship & Junior Residency, University Pittsburgh School of Medicine
- Senior Residency, Washington University School of Medicine, Barnes Hospital
- Clinical & Research Fellowships, Division of Hematology, University of Utah School of Medicine

Medical Licensure:
Alabama Medical License

Board Certifications:
- Certification in Internal Medicine
- Certification in Hematology
- Certification in Medical Oncology

Professional Appointments:
- Interim-Chief and Senior Staff Physician, Medical Oncology Service, USA Mitchell Cancer Institute (2009-present) - Medical Director, Infirmary West Oncology & Infusion Services (2007-2009)
- Principal, Propinquity Software, Inc. (2001-present) - Physician Partner, Radiation Therapy Oncology (2001-2007) - Physician Partner, Providence Cancer Center (1997-2001) - Hematologist-Oncologist, Clarkson, Meshad, Feldman (1986-1997)
- Physician Partner (1978-1986)
- Teaching Physician, University of South Alabama, Dept. of Internal Medicine – Hematology (1974-1978)

Professional Memberships:
- Medical Society of Mobile County
- American Society of Clinical Oncology
- American Society of Hematology
- American College of Physicians

Other Professional Honors / Appointments:
- U.S. Army Reserves, Retired, Rank of Major - Professional Chairman, Cancer Committee (1990-91)
- Vice-Chairman, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center (2002)
- Medical Director, Mercy Medical Hospice

Selected Publications:
1. Clarkson, D.R., Oppelt, W.W., & Byvoet, P. (1967). The Fare of 5-1ODO-2 – Deoxyuridine (IUdR) in Brain and Cerebrospinal Fluid of Dogs. Journal of Pharmacol and Exp. Ther. 157: 581-588.

2. Oppelt, W.W., Clarkson, D.R., & Melvins, S.L. (1971). Metabolism of 5-1ODO-2 – Deoxyuridine (IUdR) In Brain and Liver of Dogs. Res. Comm. Chem. Path. And Pharmacol, 2: 553-556.

3. Hager, R.N., Clarkson, D.R., Y Savoy. (1970) Determination of Blood Ammonia by Deprivative Spectrometry. Anal Chem. 42: 1813-1814.

4. Clarkson, D.R., Blonir, J. & Cryer, P. (1973) Phosphate Depletion and Glucocortoid-Induced Hyperphosphatemia in Lymphositic Leukemia. Metabloism 22: 611-161.

5. Clarkson, D.R., Athens, W., Rothstein, G, & Ashenbrucker. (1974) DF32p Leukokinietic Studies of Lithium-Induced Neutrophilia. Abstract Clinical Research, 23: 103A.

6. Feldmann, J.E., Clarkson, D.R., Ellingwood, K.E., ET AL. (1982) Bleo-CAP Produces 100% Complete Responses in Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer. Proc. Soc. Clin. Oncol.

7. Clarkson, D.R., Feldmann, J.E., McRae, A.H., Reed, P., Parker, W., (1995) Reducing Errors in Chemotherapy Orders. The Use of a Two-Part Order System. Oncology Issues.

8. Clarkson, D.R. (1997) Tweaking the Problem/Oriented Record. (Manuscript in Preparation)

9. Clarkson, D.R. (Manuscript Submitted) Difficult Diagnosis/Use of Electronic Aids.

10. Papadi, B. Polski, J.M., Clarkson, D.R., Liu0Dumlao, T.O., (2012) Atypical angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphomas masquerading as systemic polyclonal B-immunoblastic proliferation.


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