Current Research Projects


PROJECT 1:  Sentinel Surveillance to Monitor Progress Towards Health Equity

PI: Dr. Martha Arrieta, Associate Professor, College of Medicine

Goal: To develop and implement a surveillance system to capture the information necessary to monitor progress towards health equity for health disparate populations.

Key Components:

  • Community Advisory Group
  • Survey implementation (health access, health IQ, health behaviors, chronic diseases and management, etc.)
  • Research Apprentices

PROJECT 2: The Impact of Labor Force/Labor Market Status On Access To Health Care

PI: Dr. Ken Hudson, Associate Professor of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences

Examines how the employment and labor market status of individual family members affect the family’s ability to obtain health insurance and health care

Key Focus: Good job vs. bad job vs. intermediary job

PROJECT 3: Heat Shock Protein 27 (HSP27) as a Marker of Atherosclerosis

PI: Dr. Bill Gerthoffer, Professor and Chair of Department of Biochemistry

Addresses lack of accurate predictive biomarkers of plaque instability, particularly in health disparate populations.

Key Focus: Translational research project done in collaboration with Division of Cardiology.

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