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Cardiology Research Activities 2016

Alabama American College of Cardiology Fellow Presentations - January 2016:

Prevalence and Type of Errors in Electrocardiographic Recordings
Andrew Moses, MD, Ghazanfar Qureshi, MD, Bassam Omar, MD, PhD

Predictive Value of Electrocardiographic Criteria in Severe Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
Ehtesham Ul Haq, MD, Bassam Omar, MD, PhD, Tamas Szombathy, MD

Obesity Trends by Race in a Primary Cardiology Clinic
Abimbola Shofu, MD, G. Mustafa Awan, MD, Bassam Omar, MD, PhD

Comparison of Gated SPECT, Echocardiography and Angiography Ejection Fractions
Mazen Omar, BS, Pavani Kolakalapudi, MD, Christopher Malozzi, DO

Lipid Management Challenges in Different Clinical Settings
Sushee Gadde, MD, Christopher Malozzi, DO, Bassam Omar, MD, PhD

Disparity in Control of Cardiac Risk Factors According to Gender
Clare Carney, MD, Donna Bennett, MD, Bassam Omar, MD

American Society of Hypertension Fellow Presentations - April 2016:

Gender and Race Variation of Widened Pulse Pressure with Age
Sushee Gadde, Donna Bennett, Ghazanfar Qureshi and Bassam Omar

National Lipid Association Fellow Presentations - May 2016:

Gender and Race Related Variations in Weight and Cholesterol Control
Abimbola Shofu, Landai Nguyen, Bassam Omar, Ghazanfar Qureshi

Impact Of Recent Cholesterol And Hypertension Guidelines On Lipid And BP Control
Sushee Gadde, Donna Bennett, Bassam Omar

Correlation of Weight and LDL Level Changes with Age in Males vs. Females
Pavani Kolakalapudi, Mazen Omar, Christopher Malozzi, Bassam Omar

Race-Related Variations in Lipid Parameters in a Cardiology Clinic
Andrew Moses, Landai Nguyen, G. Mustapha Awan, Bassam Omar

Disparity in Lipid Control between Cardiology Attending and Cardiology Fellow Clinics
Clare Carney, Mazen Omar, Christopher Malozzi, Bassam Omar

Weight and BMI Correlation According to Race and Gender
Ehtesham Ul Haq, Christopher Malozzi, Bassam Omar

American Heart Association Quality of Care and Outcomes Research - April 2016:

Variation in Cholesterol Documentation and Control in Different Clinics Run by the Same Provider
Sushee Gadde, MD, Christopher Malozzi, DO, Bassam Omar, MD, PhD

Prevalence of ECG Recording Errors in a University Hospital ECG Database
Andrew Moses, MD, Christopher Malozzi, DO, Bassam Omar, MD, PhD

Summer 2016 Student Projects:

Maelynn La, M2

Project title: Establishment of a Searchable EKG Database and the Association of Nonspecific ST-T Wave Abnormalities with Ischemic Heart Disease.

Project Faculty: Dr. Christopher Malozzi, DO

Mazen Omar, M2

Project title: Association of Stress Test Findings with the Presence and Extent of Coronary Artery Disease in Patients with versus without Diabetes.

Project Faculty: Dr. Ghazanfar Qureshi, MD

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