Rosa Vidal, M.D.
Sheryl Falkos, M.D.
Kimberly Cole, M.D.
Christina Gavrilita, M.D.

Phone: 251-415-1000
Children's and Women's Hospital, 1700 Center St, Mobile, AL 36604

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at USA Children's & Women's Hospital is the only treatment facility of its kind in the area, providing the highest level of care for critically ill and injured children. The unit is staffed with Mobile's only board-certified pediatric intensivists (critical care physicians), specially trained nurses, and is supported by our PICU transport vehicle.

A patient is considered a candidate for admission to the PICU if:

  • He/she is an infant, child or adolescent experiencing an acute illness or injury, or exacerbation of a chronic condition affecting one or more body systems,
  • He/she has a condition determined to be potentially life threatening
  • He/she has a disease process requiring highly skilled medical and nursing care.

Common disease processes cared for in the Pediatric Critical Care Unit (PICU) are patients who are not able to breathe well on their own due to pneumonia or wheezing, infections that are causing problems with blood pressure, and children with head injuries. Sometimes children come to the PICU after a big surgery.

The critical care doctors also run the Pediatric Sedation Service. This service provides relief of pain and anxiety for children who have to have certain types of procedures or tests. The service is available to children that are admitted in the hospital or those who are having an outpatient testing. Examples of these tests are MRI and CT scans or procedures such as placement of special catheters or cleaning of wounds and burns. The service is run by doctors and nurses who have specialized training in order to ensure that the sedation is done in the safest possible way for your child.

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