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The Office of Student Records is responsible for all records of students who are currently, or have previously been, enrolled in the University of South Alabama College of Medicine (Doctor of Medicine program only). Records for Ph.D. students, and all undergraduate and other graduate programs, are handled through the University of South Alabama Registrar's Office. You may make changes to your personal information (name, address, telephone number, etc.) only in writing, either by fax or regular mail. E-mail changes are not accepted at this time. Forms can be obtained below.

Address and/or Telephone Number Change

In order to process a change of address or telephone number, please print out the Address Change Form and mail or fax it to the Office of Student Records.

Name Change

In order to process a name change for a current or former medical student, please contact the Office of Student Records to obtain a Name Change Form.  All other students should contact the University of South Alabama Registrar's Office.  The original form and the appropriate documentation for medical students should be returned to the Office of Student Records.  This form can not be faxed as an original signature is required.  Acceptable forms of documentation are: birth certificate, driver's license, marriage license, court order, social security card, passport, or visa. In some instances, the University may require more than one form of documentation.

Social Security Number

In order to change your Social Security Number, you will need to bring your original Social Security card to the Office of Student Records.



The Office of Student Records provides copies of academic transcripts for College of Medicine (M.D.) students only. Transcripts can only be released with written authorization from the student. A $8.00 fee is charged for each transcript. Currently enrolled students do not have to pay for transcripts. Requests for transcripts are processed each Friday. To obtain a copy of your transcript, please fill out the Transcript Request Form and submit it in writing either by fax or regular mail. If you wish to fax your request, please be sure to include the correct credit card information. If you wish to mail in your request, please include the $8.00 fee (check, money order, or credit card payment only, cash is not accepted) for each copy. Please include a telephone number where you can be reached in case there is a problem with your request. Photo identification is required to pick up a transcript in person. "Unofficial" transcripts are issued to students. The transcript is stamped "student copy" and does not contain an official signature or the University seal. "Official" transcripts can only be sent to the requesting agency and contain both an official signature and the University seal.

Transcripts are not issued to students with holds on their academic records. Requests for transcripts of work completed at another institution should be directed to that institution. Transcripts will not be released to a third party without written permission from the student.

Enrollment/Degree Verification

If you are a former or current student in need of a degree verification, please complete the Verification Form and mail or fax it to the Office of Student Records. If you are a business that needs enrollment or degree verification, please submit your request on official letterhead and include a copy of your authorization or release form signed by the student. This can be submitted by fax or regular mail. The Office of Student Records does not provide verifications by telephone or email.

If you are applying for state licensure, it is not necessary to submit this form. You should only submit the official form from the appropriate state licensing board.

Immunization Files

Medical Students requesting their immunization records for Externships should send an email request to from their Jagmail account.


For more information, please contact:   or call 251-460-7174


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