Community Health Advocates

What is a Community Health Advocate?

A Community Health Advocate (CHA) is

  • a motivated, concerned individual who seeks to improve the overall health of his or her community  
  • a person who may focus on health broadly or may choose to identify a specific health issue to champion
  • a person whose strength comes from her having roots in the community and whose relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors can help bridge the gap between community members and health care professionals
  • someone with the skills, dedication, sincerity, and concern to effectively motivate her fellow community members to improve their health by coupling clear, positive communication with accurate health information

Who can become a CHA?

  • anyone who wants to become a CHA can apply to do so
  • anyone who  is willing to participate in training* and commit to serving for one year  

*participants will never be required to pay for any aspect of the training, participants will not be required to obtain certifications or special credentials, time commitments will be kept as reasonable and flexible as possible.

What can I expect if I become a CHA?

  • In addition to becoming champions of health, CHA’s experience a unique opportunity to become involved in community based participatory research(CBPR). The Center staff is equally interested in developing our CHAs confidence and competency in health disparities as we are in conducting the research to improve access and equity in care.
  • CHAs are also offered opportunities throughout the year to attend regional and local meetings and gain professional CEUs as well as other training opportunities
  • Participation in the CHA program is completely voluntary. We only ask that CHAs keep us abreast of any programs they wish to plan so that we can provide support and gain feedback on their program.

How do I become a CHA?


OVERALL Goals of the CHA Program:

To achieve better health status                                                    

To make a difference

To promote healthier lifestyles                                                      

To help those in need

To discover and promote community resources                              

To break down barriers                                                         

To bring health innovations to families                                          

To eliminate health disparities                                             

To make an impact in the community                                          

To educate one another

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