1. I think I have a virus

Every PC at South Alabama should have Symantec Anti Virus Software.  Look to the bottom right of your screen and to the left of your clock and you should see a shield there.  Right click on the shield and then click on Open Symantec Endpoint Protection and then click Scan for Threats then Scan Now.  If you do not have Symantec Anti Virus go to http://www.southalabama.edu/csc/sav/index.htm and download it for free

2. My computer will not start

First check the plug running into the back of the PC and then the other end running into the wall or surge protector.  Also be sure to check the surge protector to make sure it has not been unplugged or turned off.

3. My PC is frozen

Usually a frozen PC means that the virtual memory has all been consumed.  This is typically caused by too many processes starting with the PC or your virtual memory is set too low. 

4. My PC is very slow.

See above.  A slow PC is usually the result of too many resources running.  If you have multiple windows open try closing some and see if this speeds it up.  If this happens constantly please contact Matt to get the PC cleaned up

5. I keep getting a lot of popups and my homepage is different

You have some sort of Malware on your PC.  This piece of Malware could be a virus, spyware, a Trojan or a worm.  Run Symantec if you can, if it remains contact Matt.

6. Cannot connect to the internet or get email

If you cannot connect to the internet or get email you have lost your connection to the network somewhere.  First off restart your PC.  If this does not fix it check the back of your PC where the network cable goes in.  Is it still plugged in?  Is there an amber or green light next to the jack?  Is the network cable plugged all the way into the wall? Also, be sure you are logging into USADIR

7. I've deleted an important document how do I get it back

Depends.  Did you empty your recycle bin?  If not look on your desktop and you should see the Recycle Bin there.  Double click to enter it, once in you should see your document there.  Do a right click on it and then click Restore.  Your document should be back where you had it.  If you have emptied the Recycle Bin there is still a chance your document exists on a backup.

8.  My computer is starting but my screen is black

Every monitor has a power button.  Be sure to press that first.  Then, check the connections on your monitor.  There should be a blue connection that might have come loose.  Press it into the monitor and see if your picture restores.  Check the same connection on the back of your PC.

9.  Can I get JagMail on my Smart phone

Absolutely.  Instructions for Iphone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone

10. My printer will not print

Restart your PC first.  Then make sure the printer is on and make sure the USB or serial cable is running from the printer to the PC.  You can also look in your printers (Start-Control Panel-Printers) and see if it is still listed there.  If it is listed there right click it and press Refresh

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