Geri Moulton with "The Good Book."

Imagine a place of quiet contemplation...a peaceful place, where art and nature come together to nurture mind, body and soul.

Geri Moulton Children's Park is such a place.

Located in a wooded setting along the entrance drive to USA Children's & Women's Hospital, the park provides a tranquil place where children can set aside thoughts of injury and illness, where families can find respite from worry, and where the community can leave behind the stress of everyday life.

A Message of Hope and Strength

Geri Moulton Children's Park is filled with more than 50 life-size bronze sculptures depicting children and families, providing a wonderful place of enjoyment and contemplation, and new sculptures are constantly being added.

All of the works of sculpture in the park were donated by patrons. Because of their generosity, Mobile is home to one of the country's premier sculpture parks. The park has been featured in Southern Living magazine, and received the Tree Preservation Award from the Mobile Tree Commission.

Magnificent oaks, some more than 200 years old, also offer their quiet strength. Beneath the branches, the permanent sculptures of children and families laugh, play and enjoy. A footpath, with benches and lighting, winds through the park.

Our Mission of Healing

The idea of pairing a children's sculpture park and a hospital is based on something that we have done for many years at USA Children's & Women's Hospital. We have provided a place that, in every way possible, supports the healing process.

USA Children's & Women's Hospital first opened in 1985 as a "hospital within a hospital" at USA Medical Center. In 1997, our new state-of-the-art, freestanding hospital was dedicated. Today, USA Children's & Women's Hospital stands as one of less than ten freestanding hospitals in the nation specifically serving children and women.                               

To Heal the Body, You Must Heal the Mind

While medical expertise, technology and compassion are all important in the delivery of health care, environment also plays a significant role. From family-centered birthing programs and child-friendly pediatric care, to specially created artwork and the children's "Treehouse," USA Children's & Women's Hospital nurtures and supports the healing process.

Now, with the Geri Moulton Children's Park, we are enhancing healing even more.                    

Geri Moulton

The University of South Alabama Board of Trustees on June 4, 2009 passed a resolution renaming the USA Children's Park sculpture park as "Geri Moulton Children's Park" in honor of her extraordinary contributions toward the creation and ongoing development of the public park located at USA Children's & Women's Hospital. Mrs. Moulton helped spearhead the creation of the USA Children's Park, made gifts of sculpture to the park, inspired gifts from other donors, and chaired events to honor artists and donors.                    

Be Part of Geri Moulton Children's Park

Many people have expressed interest in being a part of Geri Moulton Children's Park. We welcome this interest and encourage everyone to join us in growing a park that is a gift to all...especially, to children.

If you are interested in contributing to, or commissioning, sculpture works of art for permanent installation in Geri Moulton Children's Park, we would like to visit with you. Please call the USA Office of Development at 251-415-1636 if you would like more information.

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