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Cardiology Research Committee (CRC)


Welcome to the Cardiology Research Committee Web page!

CRC Chair: Dr. G. Mustafa Awan, MD

CRC Fellow Representative: Dr. Muhammad Awan, MD


Cardiology Research Committee (CRC) was established to help promote scholarly activities among cardiology faculty, staff and fellows, in addition to housestaff from other specialties, medical students and other trainees. CRC will serve as a forum to discuss ongoing research projects as well as to foster new ideas and disseminate knowledge. It also serves as a tool for the development of faculty and trainee mentorship program in the conduct of research.


  1. To promote and encourage scholarly activities among faculty, fellows, residents, medical students and other trainees.
  2. Trainees, including fellows, residents and students, will be involved in clinical research projects under the direct supervision of a faculty.
  3. To discuss the progress of ongoing research projects.
  4. To discuss and propose new protocols and identify resources.
  5. To discuss the various aspects of research projects including data collection, data analysis, presentation, and manuscript preparation.
  6. Researchers will be able to present their completed work for guidance and critique, including posters and/ or oral presentations, before presentation at local or national meetings.


  1. Onsite cardiology fellows at USAMC are required to attend the CRC meetings.
  2. Trainees, including residents and students, who are actively involved in the research projects with the division of cardiology, are highly encouraged to attend the CRC meetings (if their schedule allows).
  3. Meeting are open to all faculty and staff who desire to attend.

Meeting Schedule:

  1. CRC will meet every two months in the Heart Center Conference Room in the basement.
  2. More frequent meetings will be scheduled on demand to coincide with local or national meetings for trainee preparation.

Immediate Goals:

Trainees will learn the following skills:

  1. Analyze the literature and identify knowledge gaps.
  2. Write and submit a research proposal to IRB.
  3. Establish a databse by collecting and organizing data in easily searchabele spreadsheets.
  4. Analyze data with regards to trends and perform statistical analysis.
  5. Compile findings in an oral presentation or poster presentation format.
  6. Submit abstracts to local and national meetings.
  7. Write manuscript and submit to peer-reviewed journals.

Future Goals:

  1. Improve the quality and productivity of research in the Division of Cardiology.
  2. Mentor faculty and trainees, including fellows, residents and students in research.
  3. Serve as a forum for discussion, improvement and expansion of research activities.
  4. Establish a Division of Cardiology Research Day at the end of the academic year for trainees to present their current projects and progress.
  5. Develop a “Research Award” for outstanding research work.

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