University of South Alabama

USA Children's & Women's Hospital Fundraising Calendar of Events

Support your local children's hospital at one of these exciting 2015 fundraisers.


8/5 - 8/7    Ace Bucket Campaign

Head to your local Ace Hardware store and make a $5 donation to our hospital and snag a limited edition 5-gallon bucket with an additional percentage off everything that fits in the bucket (at participating locations).


10/16           Third Annual Trick Or Trot

USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital (USACWH) supporters and friends will come together for the Third Annual “Trick or Trot” 5K and Scary Scurry Fun Run at the University of South Alabama Moulton Tower. This event is filled with family fun, running, trick-or-treating and children’s activities with great food and drinks. Register today to race or just enjoy the fall festival activities!


For more information, contact the Office of Development:

(251) 415-1636

1700 Center Street
Mobile, AL 36604-3391


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