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Title   [423898-24] FIRES: Determining the Sensitivity of Sentinel Lymph Nodes Identified with Robotic Fluorescence Imaging for Detecting Metastatic Endometrial and Cervical Cancer
Description   This is a multi-institutional study investigating the sensitivity and negative predictive value of sentinel lymph nodes mapped with robotic assisted near infrared imaging after cervical injection of indocyanine green (ICG) dye for women with stage I endometrial or cervical cancer at the time of their robotic surgical staging.

Patients will receive cervical injection of 1mg ICG after induction of anesthesia followed by sentinel lymph node mapping using robotic assisted fluorescence imaging. The sentinel lymph nodes identified will be removed and sent for ultraprocessing by pathology. The non-sentinel pelvic and para-aortic (if indicated) non-sentinel nodes will be removed and sent for routine pathologic processing according to standard of care for these surgical procedures. The pathologic results of the sentinel and non-sentinel nodes will be evaluated for sensitivity and negative predictive value in their ability to detect metastatic disease.
IRB Number   13-057
Treatment   Oncology - Gynecology
Principal Name   Jennifer Scalici, M.D.
Contact Name   Kathleen Ollis

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