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March 6, 2014 - USA Heart Team Project Selected for Web Conference


A quality improvement project from the University of South Alabama Medical Center’s (USAMC) Heart Team was selected for the University HealthSystem Consortium’s (UHC) web conference in September 2013.

The report “Quality Improvement in Cardiac Surgery: An Innovative System-Based Multidisciplinary Approach,” explained how the team used research and evidence to directly improve patient care.

In response to a UHC report indicating deficiencies in the quality of cardiac surgery at the Medical Center, a group of cardiac stakeholders created the USAMC Heart Team in 2011. Their goal was excellence in quality of care as evidenced by decreases in morbidity and mortality, and improved compliance with guidelines-based medicine.

The team used a novel translational medical model to push best practices in medicine to the bedside. In one year’s time, both efficiency and patient outcomes were significantly improved.

The project was also later presented at a poster session at UHC’s annual conference in October. It was the first poster from the Medical Center to be selected for the conference.

The USAMC Heart Team is the only cardiac surgery team of its kind in the Mobile area.

The UHC is an alliance of about 300 academic medical centers across the nation. Its mission is to create knowledge, foster collaboration, and promote innovation in health systems.

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