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January 24, 2013 – Senior Bowl Players Visit Patients at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital

Michael Daves was surrounded by supporters from the North and South teams. Identifiable players from left are Lane Johnson of Oklahoma, Malliciah Goodman of Clemson, Unidentifiable, Zaviar Gooden of Missouri, Eric Fisher of Central Michigan, Xavier Nixon of Florida and Ricky Wagner of Wisconsin.

Football players from the North and South teams came together at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital for their annual visit with pediatric patients. The players gave out autographed mini-footballs and posed for photos while getting to know their new fans better.

The Senior Bowl players visit is part of the hospital’s Mapp Child and Family Life Program, which normalizes a child’s stay at Children’s & Women’s with activities that they might otherwise participate in outside the hospital. Photos from the visit are posted at

SMU’s Margus Hunt and Oregon’s Kyle Long brought a smile to the face of Dwywondra Richardson.

Children’s & Women’s and the Senior Bowl have a long history together, as the bowl organization has provided support for computers for pediatric patients receiving treatment in the USS Hope infusion therapy center, along with special golf carts that transport patients and families throughout the USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital campus, and extensive renovations to the hospital’s lobby.

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