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July 19, 2016 - Teens see live birth during Summer Scrubs program at USA Children's & Women's Hospital


MOBILE, Ala. -- Bright and early Monday, a group of teens clad in blue scrubs watched a baby born by cesarean section at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital in Mobile. A few hours later, some of the same students took part in the simulated delivery of another infant as part of a program aimed at helping the next generation figure out what health care career paths they want to explore.

At least 100 students from Mobile and Baldwin counties are participating in the Summer Scrubs program at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital from July 18-22, 2016. The program is a free, four-day career exploration opportunity for eleventh grade students. Participants spend each day at different health care sites and interact with and observe health professionals on the job in real-world environments.

Student Taylor Moss was able to experience what it’s like to deliver a baby, during a simulated event, while a group of her peers watched. Some grimaced and looked away as others leaned in for a closer inspection. Moss was offered step-by-step instructions on suctioning the tiny nose and mouth before the infant let out a recorded cry. Then, she proudly cradled the tiny mannequin in the crook of her arm, a wide grin spreading across her face.

In its 14th year, the program is presented by the Bay Area Healthcare Coalition and the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce’s Center for Workforce Development. More than 1,600 students have taken part in Summer Scrubs since its inception. USA Children's & Women's Hospital has been an active participant in the program since it began.

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