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March 10, 2015 - USA Children's & Women's Hospital Begins Fatherhood Initiative


University of South Alabama Children’s & Women’s Hospital has always been about moms and babies. Now, it’s more about dads, too.

The hospital will kick off the Fatherhood Initiative, offering dads a place to learn the basics — how to hold a baby, how to change a diaper — and the more practical skills of being a father to their child.

Building on a four-year-old program in Baldwin County, the initiative in Mobile is sponsored by the Mobile County Health Department. It’s been active about a year, says Veronica Hudson, but it’s new to CW.

Hudson, the nurse manager on CW’s Mother and Baby floor, looks forward to the program as a way to build stronger ties between baby and dad.

“We focus on moms,” she says. “This is to support the father into the family circle.”

Only the first of 12 sessions will meet at CW every Friday at 4 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room next to Surgery Waiting. After attending one of the initial "kick offs" at CW, dads are encouraged to participate at other locations in the community.

It’s a multi-faceted program, Hudson says, helping dads in more ways than diapering information, “giving fathers the skills they need for real life — skills to take care of a newborn and skills to be part of a family.”


Veronica Hudson, DNP and Nurse Manager of our Mother Baby Unit

If dads need a job, the initiative has job counseling. If they need a GED, the initiative has educational resources. If they need updated job skills, such as computer training, the initiative can offer assistance. It can even help dads who are in jail.

But most of all, says Hudson, it’s to help fathers be part an active part of the family.

The sessions kick off with a video of pro football players talking about their dads – many absent or not good role models. The initiative encourages new fathers to think about their own fathers — a good father? A bad father? An absent father? — and consider what they wish to be as a dad.

During the program, fathers have a chance to network, to discuss serious issues and to support one another. Hopefully, the dads will learn that they can be an active and present father for their child, she says.

Recognizing that the nursing staff focuses on mom and baby, the nurses have recruited male staff members to invite fathers to the Fatherhood Initiative kickoff.

It’s all part of the basic focus — it takes two to do a great job raising a child.

For more information on the Fatherhood Initiative, please contact Veronica Hudson at (251) 415-8640.

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