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Dec. 8, 2014 - Interior Design at USA Children's & Women's Hospital Wins State Award


The Tree House at USA CHildren's & Women's Hospital

The interior design of the new tower at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital won first place in the health care category at the Alabama Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) awards banquet.  The hospital’s Tree House, described as a child’s hideaway, also won first place in the single space commercial category.  

Interior Designer Alice Cutright from TAG/The Architect’s Group was responsible for both designs. She explained that since the new tower primarily treats pediatric patients, playful elements were emphasized. 

“My concept was that I didn’t want to use exact aquatic representations or Disney characters but have a design that leaves room for a kid’s imagination,” she said. 


Alice Cutwright, the interior designer from The Architect's Group who designed the interior of the new Children's Tower in USA Children's & Women's Hospital

These abstract aquatic design elements include bubbles, undulating waves, and color, particularly different shades of blue. In fact, color plays a key role in orienting patients, families and staff to where they are in the hospital. In the north wing the floor materials are dark blue, while those in the south wing are light blue. 


Nurse's stations in USA Children's & Women's Hospital

Nurse stations are “lifeguard” stands where the floor color and pattern changes to beach sand. All staff areas use the neutral sand color as an identifier as well as a visual respite. 


The Teen Room at USA Children's & Women's Hospital

Special child-friendly areas, like the teen lounge, are located throughout the tower. The lounge features two circle sky elements in the ceiling with fiber optic stars in constellation shapes. 

The Tree House is another exceptional space where patients can play and get away from their rooms. Instead of being a literal representation of a tree, it is composed of six translucent panels embedded with three different bark-like organic materials between six trunks, giving the impression of one large tree. Its open design allows children to be monitored by the staff, yet gives them a little hideaway where they can escape and have fun. 

TAG and Cutright’s association with USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital dates back to 1999 when they started working on the USS Hope cancer and sickle cell treatment center. That project also won an ASID award.

About USA Children's & Women's Hospital

The University of South Alabama Children's & Women's Hospital is among a handful of freestanding hospitals in the United States dedicated specifically to the health care needs of children and women. USACWH health care professionals are uniquely qualified and equipped to provide a wide range of therapeutic and surgical services for children and women, be it life-threatening illness, traumatic injury, premature birth or high-risk obstetrical and gynecological needs.

USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital is the Mobile area’s leading provider of health services for newborn babies and their mothers. The Labor & Delivery Unit successfully delivers more than 2,800 babies each year, an average of five to 15 babies each day, which is twice as many births as any other hospital in Mobile. The unit also features 15 private birthing suites promoting family-centered care and three operating rooms for cesarean section deliveries and other obstetric procedures.

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