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June 24, 2014 - Karen Sylvester Named New Employee Health Nurse

Karen_Sylvester_USA_Medical_Center.jpgKaren Sylvester, RN, BSN has been promoted to the employee health nurse position at USA Medical Center (USAMC).

Sylvester’s duties include all pre-employment screenings and testing on all new as well as current employees. She organizes flu clinics, coordinates vaccines for employees and family members, and reports to the CDC to make sure the hospital is in compliance with all regulations.

The employee health nurse also responds to exposures when they occur, initiating a protocol to test the employee and the source, when known, and starting post-exposure meds when needed. Sylvester will keep up with monthly vaccinations and titers and coordinate health promotion activities such as Scale Back Alabama and annual lipid and cholesterol screening.

According to Sylvester’s supervisor Teresa Aikens, nurse manager of Infection Prevention/Control and Employee/Occupational Health, “Karen's varied experience and her enthusiasm made her a good choice for the position. This is a job she has always wanted, and even though in her first few weeks she was exposed to just about everything, she had a smile on her face.”

Sylvester graduated from USA’s College of Nursing in 1997 and went to work at USAMC in STICU until she transferred to the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit in 2001. In 2003, she left the system for a four-year stint at the Mobile Surgery Center. She returned to the PACU in 2007, where she worked until her promotion.

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