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July 2, 2018 - Class of 2020 Medical Students Begin Clerkship Rotations

18620Orientation11.JPGThe University of South Alabama College of Medicine recently held clerkship orientation for third-year medical students. Orientation week broke down clinical years, hospital policies, mini board exams and other topics.

“I am most excited about the amount of time I will get to spend with patients,” said Maria Siow, a third-year student at USA College of Medicine. “I will have minimal patients, so this gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time listening to them and getting to know them on a deeper level.”

After listening to older students talk about the great years of clinical rotations, Siow said she feels confident she is well prepared and will enjoy her time, too, despite being nervous about the transition from the classroom to the clinical setting.

“After spending two years studying cases,” Destini Smith, another third-year student, said, “I look forward to serving actual patients with real-life concerns.” She said she was very nervous initially, but, now, she is equally excited for what is to come.

Tyler Kaelin, a third-year medical student, said, “At first, I felt like my lack of clinical experience meant I would be more bothersome than helpful. Our clinical faculty, during orientation, challenged my uncertainty by inviting me to view the upcoming year as the time to start being an advocate for my patients.”

Kaelin said this is an incredible opportunity as a medical student to be one of the most accessible members of the medical team and to get to know the patients and their unique situations.

Before beginning orientation, the students received their white coats at the annual White Coat Ceremony at the USA Mitchell Center.

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