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June 1, 2017 - USA Radiology Utilizes Samsung Digital X-Ray Equipment

radiology-1.jpgThe radiology department at the USA Health Strada Patient Care Center recently began using Samsung Digital X-ray equipment, increasing diagnostic accuracy with innovative smart detectors, smart vue and smart stitching features.

Joey Baggett, supervisor of radiology and teleradiology at the Strada Patient Care Center, said the new equipment is a step forward for patient care at USA. “With Samsung Digital X-ray equipment, we are able to maintain high quality images in various conditions for enhanced flexibility,” he said. “The improved sharpness and clarity produced by the equipment also supports highly accurate diagnoses.”

According to Baggett, the stitching feature allows for scoliosis imaging and leg length all in one image. “An integrated wireless system features remote control and a wireless foot peddle that provides instant data transfer and minimizes movement,” he said. “The convenient system allows table positioning from anywhere in the room. This streamlines workflow to enhance productivity and patient throughput.”

Additional benefits of the new X-ray equipment include clarified regions of interest for procedures such as spine exams. Baggett said the Samsung machines provide a clear view of thick and thin bones, tissues, contours, orthopaedic implants and bone overlaps, which display sharply and without artifacts.

According to Baggett, the move to the Strada Patient Care Center provided radiology patients and employees with benefits that were previously unavailable. “Patients benefit from the fact that we are all housed under one roof and can provide accurate exams with minimal wait time,” he said. “Also with faster exposure times, we are able to promote a lower dose of radiation to the patient.”

Baggett said the radiologic technologists enjoy working in a new facility with new equipment. “The best part is the ability to work face-to-face and hand-in-hand with the other departments instead of remotely,” he said.

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