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April 20, 2016 - USA Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center Celebrates Milestone, Plans for Move Later This Year

OrthoPT006.JPGThe University of South Alabama Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary at their current location, 2 Medical Park in West Mobile, and plans to relocate later this year to the Judith Susan and Samuel Strada Patient Care Center now under construction.

The new state-of-the-art building will provide an expansion of clinical space for the USA Physicians Group practice and will enhance the patient experience. The Strada Patient Care Center is conveniently located adjacent to USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital and the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute.

The USA Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center is an in-network provider for all USA employees and dependents with the USA Health Plan. “This means that physical and occupational therapy is covered 100 percent after a $10 co-pay,” said Renee Hall, occupational therapist and clinical supervisor of outpatient therapy at USA. “We are excited to provide exceptional care to the University community and to help lower out-of-pocket expenses.” According to Hall, if an employee or dependent covered by USA Health and Dental Plan receives physical or occupational therapy out-of-network, they are responsible for a $400 up-front deductible and 20 percent of the sessions.

USA’s staff consists of a certified hand therapist, two McKenzie certified therapists for the treatment of mechanical spine disorders, a certified athletic trainer and several other knowledgeable therapists with experience in various therapy settings.

“We consider ourselves a therapy family, and our patients are an extension of that family,” Hall said. “Our biggest compliment is on our individualized and skilled care received by patients.”

In addition to the orthopaedic surgery clinic and the orthopaedic rehabilitation center, a large portion of the USA Physicians Group practice including general pediatrics, pediatric subspecialties, obstetrics and gynecology and neurosciences will also move from their current locations to the new Strada Patient Care Center.

The new 133,000-square-foot building will contain 153 patient rooms, 16 nurses stations and seven educational conference rooms. Unique design features that are planned for the new building include large windows with a visual connection to the Geri Moulton Children’s Park and interior and exterior designs similar to adjacent buildings on the campus.

The USA Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center provides outpatient physical and occupational therapy to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. To learn more, visit or call (251) 665-8201.

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