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March 23, 2016 - Telehealth Equipment Donated to USA Pediatric Healthy Life Center to Facilitate Child Obesity Study

Telemedicine+Study+04.JPGDr. Reza Sadeghian, a pediatric resident physician at the University of South Alabama Children’s & Women’s Hospital, has developed a quality improvement study using telemedicine to extend the reach of the USA Pediatric Healthy Life Center, a comprehensive center for the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in children and young adults.

Dr. Sadeghian has partnered with Intalere supplier JEMS Technology, which provides real time telehealth solutions. JEMS is donating the equipment for the project.

Using JEMS' solutions, doctors and specialists will remotely consult patients from their 3G or 4G smartphone, tablet, or other device over their carrier's 3G or 4G network. JEMS is the only secure encrypted, real-time portable telemedicine video solution for iPhone and Android Devices. JEMS also meets or exceeds regulatory compliances such as HIPAA.

“Obesity and co-morbidity management are an ongoing challenge because of the access barriers to tertiary care, physicians and allied health, as well as the time commitment associated with distant travel,” Dr. Sadeghian said. “Telemedicine may provide an innovative approach to significantly increase access to consultative and ongoing supervision of care to children with obesity and comorbidities.” 

Alabama currently ranks 11th nationally in incidence of childhood and young adult obesity, underscoring the importance of this project.

“If successful, these studies may demonstrate that telemedicine is viable option for tertiary care centers to improve the access of care for those patients that need their expertise but are too far away or have travel barriers,” Dr. Sadeghian said.

“We are grateful to Intalere for bringing us together with USA and welcome the opportunity to assist them in using technology to help in the prevention and management of childhood obesity in Alabama,” said Kevin Lasser, CEO of JEMS Technology.

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