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April 22, 2014 - April Med School Café - 'Advancing Cardiovascular Care in Women with Breast Cancer'

massey%2001-web.jpgThe April Med School Café lecture will feature Dr. Clara Massey, professor of internal medicine and director of the division of cardiology at the University of South Alabama.

Her lecture, titled “Advancing Cardiovascular Care in Women with Breast Cancer,” will take place April 30, 2014, at the USA Faculty Club on USA’s main campus. Lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m., and the presentation begins at noon.

Dr. Massey will give an update from the American College of Cardiology’s 8th Annual Heart of Women’s Health Symposium that took place in January.

“Just as we are celebrating the advancements in treatment for breast cancer, we are learning that many breast cancer survivors are developing cardiovascular complications from their treatment five to 10 years later,” Dr. Massey said. “Chemotherapy, adjuvant therapy for prevention of recurrence, and radiation therapy all have potential adverse effects on the heart.”

During the talk, Dr. Massey will discuss ways to prevent cardiovascular consequences of breast cancer therapy.

The Med School Café lecture and lunch are provided free of charge, but reservations are required. For more information or to make reservations, call Kim Partridge at (251) 460-7770 or e-mail

Med School Café is a free community lecture series sponsored by the USA Physicians Group. Each month, faculty from the USA College of Medicine share their expertise

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