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March 28, 2014 - USA Health System Offers Free Skin Cancer Screenings

UPG%20web.jpgThe USA Health System will offer free skin cancer screenings for all USA Health and Dental Plan members on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the new clinic at the University Commons.

Screenings will be performed by Dr. Marcus Tan, a surgical oncologist at the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute, and Mona Hagmaier, PA-C, with University Physicians Group.

According to Dr. Tan, the incidence of melanoma in the United States is rising more rapidly than for virtually any other cancer. “In fact, one in every 55 individuals will develop melanoma. However, if caught early, it is curable in 90% of cases.”

There are several risk factors to consider in a melanoma diagnosis including family history of melanoma, prior melanoma, multiple pigmented skin lesions and some rare genetic syndromes. In addition, a history of extensive or severe sun exposure or severe sunburns may also contribute to the development of this potentially fatal cancer.

Hagmaier recommends that everyone have an annual skin cancer screening as part of their preventative health program.  She also recommends monthly self skin exams to monitor for any changes.

In conducting a successful self-exam, it is crucial to know what to look for. Lesions suspicious for melanoma usually have a combination of the "ABCDEs of Melanoma:"

●      A - Asymmetry
●      B - irregular Borders
●      C - variable Color (pigmentation)
●      D- Diameter greater than 1/4 inch
●      E - Expanding (growing) skin lesion

To schedule your free skin cancer screening, call 660-5787.  USA Commons is located at 75 University Blvd. at the intersection of University Blvd. and Old Shell Rd. (adjacent to the USA College of Education).

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