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February 4, 2014 - Senior Surgery Resident Recognized for Research Presentation

ogrodnik%2001-web.jpgDr. Joseph Ogrodnik, senior surgery resident at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, received second place overall for his presentation at the 26th Annual Southern Region Burn Conference, hosted by the Tampa Regional Burn Center.

Dr. Ogrodnik’s research project, “Techniques for Better Aesthetic Outcomes After Excision and Grafting for Acute Burn Injury,” shows how the focus on burn injury outcomes has evolved in the United States from preservation of life to quality of life after recovery.

According to the study’s abstract, the researchers distributed an internet-based survey to burn surgeons across the country that examines factors such as region, gender, and number of years in burn care. Each surgeon was asked to indicate the top three techniques used in grafting of acute burns to maximize the aesthetic outcomes.

Dr. Salil Gulati, assistant professor of surgery at USA College of Medicine, supervised the study, which found that the treatment of acute burn injury is diverse and complex, with the achievement of good aesthetic outcomes being largely dependent on the surgeon’s formal training, specific techniques, and experience.

“At the University of South Alabama Burn Center, we are continually working to provide our patients with the best care for their burns while simultaneously obtaining the best aesthetic outcomes,” said Dr. Gulati.

“Burn injuries have changed from a life threatening condition to a disfiguring injury in the last 30 years,” Dr. Ogrodnik added. “The next challenge is to minimize the pain and disfigurement.”

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