University of South Alabama

Advising Meeting

Wed., Feb. 10, 2016 at
12 noon

 USA Medical Center 10th Floor EICHOLD ROOM - Lunch provided

LUNCH: RSVP 1 week in advance to Linda Ching 251-471-7891

Internal Medicine


Errol Crook, M.D., Professor and Chair
USAMC Mastin 400-A, 251-471-7900   


Faculty Advisors to Senior Students:

Dr. Haley Ballard

Dr. Sabrina Bessette

Dr. Wilburn Bolton

Dr. Errol Crook

Dr. M. Culpepper

Dr. Jack DiPalma

Dr. T. J. Hundley

Dr. Karen Fagan  

Dr. Brian Fouty   
Dr. Grace Hundley

Dr. Alana Schilthuis

Dr. John Schultz

Dr. Rachel Seaman

Informal Description of the Clinical Discipline
Internal Medicine is a broad-based primary care specialty focused on disease prevention and treatment in young and older adults.  The educational focus of the internal medicine training program is designed to allow optimum exposure to the many facets of internal medicine in order to prepare the individual for a position of leadership as a practitioner, consultant, subspecialist or academician.  Educational programs emphasize pathophysiologic principles.  The training program for a general internist is three years with graded responsibility for patient care.  During this period the physician is exposed to primary care and subspecialty disciplines and participates in the clinical activities of cardiologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, etc., as part of the training program.  An internist is expected to become a well-read and well-rounded consultant, participating actively in the care of adults with a variety of medical problems.  The internist may serve as a primary care physician in some situations and as a consultant in others.  Approximately half of the internists finishing the three-year training program become primary care health providers.  Others enter a subspecialty fellowship training program or become hospitalists.


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