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November 13, 2013 - Hester Research Project Receives National Recognition

Joshua D. Hester, administrative fellow at the University of South Alabama Medical Center, was part of a team that received the American Academy of Medical Administrators Student Research Paper of the Year Award, a nationwide contest among health care administration students.

His paper, written in conjunction with two former classmates from The Pennsylvania State University, is entitled, "Optimizing Hospital Outcomes: Examining the Dual Effects of Safety Culture on Patient and Employee Safety Events." The paper was completed as part of coursework for Hester's masters in health administration from the university.

"The experience and support provided by the Penn State MHA program, and the ability to work with two classmates and colleagues so closely was unlike, in my opinion, anything that happens in any other MHA program across the country," says Hester. "To see our hard work pay off really does mean a lot."

Hester's study examined the link between employee well-being and patient safety and their financial and operational impact on an organization.


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