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Student Guide for Viewing a Class Recording in Tegrity

Log into eCollege.

Click the Tegrity link located under Course Home. The Tegrity Class Recording page will open in a new window.

My Tegrity Homepage

Review a Class Page

  • Classes- Title of each class/lecture
  • Recorded- Date each class was recorded
  • Duration- Time it takes (in minutes and seconds) to play the entire recording
  • Status- Star indicates bookmark
  • Class/lecture- Click the name of the class/lecture to view the thumbnail of the recording
  • Playback- Click a thumbnail to start the playback

Visual diagram of the Tegrity Viewer, highlighting all of the key playback features:

Playback Speed Control

The “Speed” indicator on the playback toolbar can be used to slow down or speed up the playback to better understand the instructor. Use the controls at the bottom of the playback window to control your viewing.

Tegrity Connect Icon

The Tegrity Connect icon ( ) indicates if there are other students in your courses who are currently online. Tegrity Connect enables you to participate in real-time
course discussions as well as have a private (one-on-one) discussion with an online user.

Keyword Search Any typed text found in a Tegrity recording is indexed so you can quickly search course recordings as well as bookmarks. To search for specific content within a course:

In the Tegrity Review a Class page, type a key word or phrase in the Search field. Please note, text within an image cannot be searched.

Bookmarks are used to highlight content in a recording.As a student, the bookmarks you create are private - available only to you and your instructors. Your bookmarks appear anonymously to your instructor.

A recording’s bookmarks appear in the lower left pane during playback. Each bookmark is displayed as an icon followed by a timestamp indicating the point in the recording to which the bookmark refers.

In the comment box, either type in your own comment, or choose an option from the drop down menu (Unclear, Important!, Comment), shown below.
Click “add” when you’re ready to place your bookmark.


Text Only Options

Change the current font size: larger | default | smaller

Current color mode is Black on White, other available modes: Yellow on Black | Black on Cream

Current color mode is Yellow on Black, other available modes: Black on White | Black on Cream

Current color mode is Black on Cream, other available modes: Black on White | Yellow on Black

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