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ACGME Duty Hours – Approved and Final

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To comply with current and new duty hour requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), it is the goal of the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office and Affiliated Hospitals that the Institution have no duty hour violations.  The GME Office will monitor, track, and report monthly duty hour compliance for all ACGME accredited programs.

GME Duty Hour Oversight and Compliance

All ACGME accredited programs and GME sponsored programs must comply with ACGME and GME duty hour requirements, policies, and processes.  Follow-up and resolution of identified problems are the responsibility of the Program Director and Department.

  1.  The GME office will notify the departmental program director and coordinator of any resident who is non-compliant in logging hours by the 7th of each month.  The program director will have 2 weeks (14 days) from the date of notification to bring the resident into compliance with the requirement, or the resident will be suspended, on a daily basis, without pay, until the requirement has been met.  (The resident has a right to appeal any suspension via the grievance process outlined in the institution's grievance policy.)

  2. The GME Office will generate a monthly duty hour compliance report for each program the Friday before the GMEC's monthly meeting.  The program director will present any duty hour violations on the compliance report to the GMEC at the meeting.   

  3. Anonymous Reporting - Any resident may report violations of any duty hour rule through procedures established by each program and/or by calling the Designated Institutional Official, Institutional Ombudsman, Graduate Medical Education Office, submitting an anonymous report via the GME website or the ACGME hot-line.

  4. Records of programs' duty hour policies will be maintained by the GME Office.

 Ø    Duty Hour Policy, Effective 7/1/11

 Ø    Institutional GME Oversight and Monitoring of Resident Duty Hours (revised 10/25/11)

 (Please review the detailed requirements for program's in developing and maintaining a policy on resident duty hours)

 GME Institutional Duty Hour Compliance Updates and Resources

Ø Physician Impairment: Recognition and Intervention Module login

Ø 2011 Common Program Requirements Summary

 Compliance Checklist - Common Program Requirements 

Ø 2011 Duty Hour Requirements Summary

 Compliance Checklist - Duty Hour Requirements

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