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June 2, 2014 - USA Health System Recognized for Successful eMarketing

bernie and Daniela.jpgThe University of South Alabama Health System received an eHealth Excellence Award during the MEDSEEK Client Congress in Nevada earlier this month. The award was accepted by Bernell Dorrough, web marketing coordinator for the health system, and Daniela Werner, web marketing specialist. Dorrough and Werner gave a presentation at the conference about USA’s success using digital marketing to promote its bariatric surgery program.

The award recognized USA’s use of search engine optimization and online marketing to increase its website traffic and brand awareness. It was one of several eHealth awards given to various health systems across the nation for reaching significant milestones in their digital marketing strategies.

“University of South Alabama Health System has successfully executed SEO and eMarketing campaigns to increase site traffic and service awareness, specifically for weight loss,” said Shaun Priest, MEDSEEK’s senior vice president for strategic accounts and business development. “USA Health System is successfully increasing consumer awareness about bariatric surgery’s effectiveness as a weight loss tool to improve health and longevity of life.”

During their presentation at the conference, Dorrough and Werner explained how USA used online marketing to double its number of bariatric surgery procedures in two years by reaching out to more potential patients using ads on Google and Facebook. The talk included an overview of the procedures offered at USA, background on why USA switched from print to digital marketing, a description of the campaign, and “pro tips” for health care marketing teams looking to launch similar campaigns.

USA Health System uses MEDSEEK’s Convert Community software to manage content on its website, The software allows team members from each of USA’s hospitals, clinics and academic departments to maintain informative and patient-friendly webpages about their part of the health system.

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