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May 3, 2011 - USA Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center Celebrates Anniversary at New Location
The University of South Alabama Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary at its new location at 2 Medical Park in West Mobile. In 2006, they moved from Knollwood Hospital to the USA Orthopaedic Surgery clinic, giving patients convenient access to both the surgeons and therapists.

Roy Daigle, associate dean of computer and information sciences at USA and a physical therapy patient, said the department has been very successful in creating a professional environment. “I like the atmosphere they have created there, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone,” he said. “The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, and everyone knows you. They follow a team-oriented collaborative approach that I really like.”

Daigle started physical therapy to avoid surgery on his shoulder, but he soon learned that surgery was inevitable. After having rotator cuff surgery, Daigle started therapy with physical therapist Mark Leflore. He said all of the therapists at the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center have a strong connection with their patients. “I observed what was happening during therapy, and I saw that they all find ways to achieve the objectives without boring the patient,” he said. “You aren’t doing the same repetitive thing over and over again.”

“I have achieved so much, and I know that I will be where I want to be because of their tremendous help,” Daigle said.
Another patient, Kim King, began therapy following an injury that shattered the radius of her wrist in November. During her therapy sessions, she works with her occupational therapist, Susan Bishop, to build up strength and improve range of motion. “It’s coming along very well,” said King, a pharmacy technician at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital. “It’s slow, but I see improvements every day.”

“Susan’s awesome,” King said. “She’s understanding, and I know that I can sit down and talk to her because she is a great listener. I’ve been with her for so long, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Although King has never attended occupational therapy sessions prior to this injury, she said the entire experience has been a positive one. “Right when you walk in the door, everyone smiles and asks about your day,” King said. “The new location is also very convenient because my physician and therapist are in the same building.”

Teresa Englestead, manager of credit and collection for the USA hospitals, has been seeing physical therapist Joan Friedlander on and off for three years because of issues with her neck, hip and knees.

“This department has always been very accommodating, especially now that therapy is located alongside the physicians,” she said.
Englestead said Friedlander fit her program to suit what was going on in her life. “Joanie is a great listener, and she has helped me so much,” Englestead said. “She has taught me what to do at home, and the therapy has made me feel much better. I feel like I have a great relationship with my therapist, and that’s what is most important.”

The USA Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Center provides outpatient physical and occupational therapy to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. To learn more, call (251) 665-8201.

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