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May 4, 2012 - Faculty and Students to be Honored at Annual Honors Convocation

Each spring, the University of South Alabama College of Medicine recognizes students for their academic achievements at the annual Honors Convocation.

This year's College of Medicine Honors Convocation for the Class of 2012 will be held May 11, 2012, at 7 p.m. at the USA Mitchell Center.

Doctoral hoods, along with the student honors, will be awarded to the medical students at Honors Convocation. Faculty will be honored by the students as well. The seniors selected those members of the faculty who had the most meaningful impact on their medical education, and for their positive influence, the faculty selected will wear a red sash over their academic regalia.

Below is a list of faculty honored with red sashes:

Dr. Bayani Alberto Abordo
Dr. Jorge Alonso
Dr. Ghulam Awan
Dr. Ronald Balczon
Dr. John Bass
Dr. Bassam Bassam
Dr. Carole Boudreaux
Dr. Sidney Brevard
Dr. Eduardo Calderon
Dr. Carlo Contreras
Dr. Errol Crook
Dr. Mike Culpepper
Dr. Haidee Custodio
Dr. Jack DiPalma
Dr. Benjamin Estrada
Dr. Karen Fagan
Dr. Michael Finan
Dr. Roy Gandy
Dr. Anthony Gard
Dr. Mark Gillespie
Dr. Richard Gonzalez
Dr. Juvonda Hodge
Dr. Grace Hundley
Dr. T. J. Hundley
Dr. Druhan Howell
Dr. Ihab Jubran
Dr. Jessica Kirk
Dr. John LaFleur
Dr. Roger Lane
Dr. Eric Leonhardt
Dr. Susan LeDoux
Dr. Arnold Luterman
Dr. Paul Maertens
Dr. Jose Martinez
Dr. Clara Massey
Dr. Samuel McQuiston
Dr. Frederick Meyer
Dr. Ehab Molokhia
Dr. Tom Montgomery
Dr. Carol Motley
Dr. M. Margaret O’Brien
Dr. Allen Perkins
Dr. Frank Pettyjohn
Dr. Daniel Preud’Homme
Dr. Eddie Reed
Dr. William Richards
Dr. Paul Rider
Dr. Terry Rivers
Dr. Petra Rocic
Dr. Charles Rodning
Dr. Reynaldo Rodriguez
Dr. W. George Rusyniak, Jr.
Dr. Gregory Rutecki
Dr. Katherine Savells
Dr. John Schultz
Dr. Frederick Silver
Dr. Jon Simmons
Dr. Jeffrey Sosnowski
Dr. Brad Steffler
Dr. Hanes Swingle
Dr. Allan Tucker
Dr. John Vande Waa
Dr. Steve Varner
Dr. Barry Warner
Dr. Robert Watson
Dr. Felicia Wilson

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