University of South Alabama
  • Do I need a doctor referral/prescription for therapy?
    Yes. Your referral for therapy can come from your primary care physician or specialist.

  • Does your facility accept referrals from doctors outside the USA system?
    Yes. We accept any physician referral for physical or occupational therapy.

  • What is the difference between physical and occupational therapists?
    In this setting, our occupational therapists are certified hand therapists that focus mainly on the treatment of upper extremity diagnoses. This includes fractures, tendon injuries, tendonitis, post-surgical conditions, etc. The occupational therapists also make custom fit splints and custom fit burn garments. Our physical therapists focus on orthopaedic conditions that pertain to the spine and upper/lower extremities. Our department has two physical therapists who are certified in the McKenzie protocol for mechanical spine dysfunction and one physical therapist who is also a certified athletic trainer.

  • Will my insurance cover therapy services?
    We are providers for most major insurance companies. Depending on your individual policy, you may have a co-payment for each session and may have a set number of visits allotted per year. Our department will verify your therapy benefits and inform you of your coverage on your initial visit.  If you have USA's health plan, we are in-network therapy providers.  If you choose to go outside the network, you will be responsible for a deductible and a higher co-payment.

  • What should I bring to my first therapy appointment?
    Please bring a list of current medications/allergies, driver's license, insurance card and your prescription for therapy if it is from a non-USA physician.

  • How long will I be in therapy?
    The initial evaluation typically lasts one hour. Each session thereafter may last 45 minutes to a little over an hour. We schedule follow-up appointments every 30 minutes so it is important to arrive on time. Depending on your doctor's prescription, we see patients 1 to 3 times per week for typically 4 to 6 weeks. This time will vary depending on your diagnosis and progress.

  • What should I wear to therapy?
    Please wear comfortable clothing that allows the therapist access to treat the problem area. You can also bring a change of clothes if needed.

  • Can I bring a family member/friend to my therapy session?
    Unless you are a minor, only the patient is allowed in the treatment area. This is for safety and confidentiality reasons as well as space constraints.

  • How do I make an appointment?
    Once you have your physician referral, you can call our office at (251) 665-8201 for an appointment.

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