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USA Resources

Biomedical Library 

The USA Biomedical Library provides access to the library's book and journal collection and serves as a centralized entry point into the library's numerous research tools and databases including PubMed, Access Medicine, ACP Pier, Cochrane, Clinical Key, Ovid's Primal Pictures, and other authoritative and full text tools only available through the library's paid subscriptions. This link also provides easy access to reference librarians via email, chat, text, or telephone. Most of the library's resources can be accessed remotely with your faculty log in via the proxy server. 

Career Services

Offerings include interview skills, mock interviews, CV review/critique, career services webinars and more.

Consultation and Outreach

The Counseling and Testing Services (CTS) staff is available to provide educational presentations designed to improve the academic performance, psychological health and professionalism. Some topics that can be addressed "Alcohol and Drug Use", "Communication Skills", "Conflict Resolution", "Diversity Issues", "Stress Management" and "Suicide Awareness and Prevention."

Educational Technologies and Services 

The Department of Educational Technologies and Services (251-460-6317) coordinates quality improvement of education by providing support and development to College of Medicine faculty.  Educational support includes designing and developing instructional materials and methodologies, keeping up-to-date with innovative technological advancements, and developing assessment strategies.

Office of Continuing Medical Education 

The Office of Continuing Medical Education provides numerous and varying resources for educational and faculty development purposes. 

Office of Faculty and Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Faculty and Postdoctoral Affairs provides support for all issues related to College of Medicine faculty and postdoctoral fellows. The Office provides support for faculty appointments and promotions, as well as new faculty orientations and faculty development programs. The Office provides support for the Faculty Committee on Appointments, Promotions and Evaluations (FCAPE), and maintains current resources and policies for the appointments and promotions processes.

USA Online.pngUSA Online (Sakai, eCampus)

USA Online hosts educational resources in Sakai-based sites, including modules on "Fatigue", "Stess and Depression", "Substance Abuse", "Disruptive Behavior", and "The Basics of Research". For access to these resources, contact Dr. Joyce Guest.

Web-Based Resources

ACGME Outcome Project: Advancing Education

Interpersonal and Communication Skills (PDF, 97 kb)

To provide educational resources for program directors and other medical educators to teach and assess Interpersonal and Communication Skills.

Practice-Based Learning & Improvement (PDF, 137 kb)

To provide educational resources for program directors and other medical educators to teach or foster and access practice-based Learning & Improvement. 

Medical Professionalism (PDF, 109 kb)

To provide educational resources for program directors and other medical educators to aid teaching and assessing professionalism.


Coursera is an education platform, partnering with universities and organizations worldwide and offering courses online for free. Courses cover an array of educational subjects including health education, informational & educational techniologies, and professional development for educators.

Faculty Vitae

Faculty Vitae is a Web-based publication of the AAMC's Faculty Development and Leadership (FD&L) section.  Its features bring resources for professional development to the desktops of faculty in medical schools and teaching hospitals.


A resource from the Associate of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) for publication and dissemination of peer-reviewed works related to medical education; resources for educational scholarship.


MERLOT is a free and open peer reviewed collection of online teaching and learning materials and faculty-developed services contributed and used by an international education community.

Additional Web-based Resources

Defining Excellence in Medical Teaching

Evidence-based Practice in the Health Sciences Tutorial for Medicine

Improving Communications Across the Transition of Care and Preventing a "Voltage Drop"

Teaching Skills for the Physician Educator

Teaching Physicians to Teach:  The Stanford Faculty Development Center Model

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