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June 3, 2011 - USA Biomedical Librarians Approved for Membership in AHIP
Three assistant librarians at the University of South Alabama Biomedical Library were recently approved for membership in the Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) at the provisional level.

The new members are Beverly Rossini, Trey Lemley and Andrea Wright.

AHIP is the Medical Library Association’s peer-reviewed professional development and career recognition credentialing program. The academy promotes lifelong learning and exemplary professional performance by recognizing achievements in continuing education, teaching, publishing and research.

Provisional membership is the entry level status for librarians with less than five years experience in the medical librarianship field.

The AHIP credential denotes the highest standards of professional competency and achievement in the field of health care information and must be renewed every five years. Someone who has the AHIP designation must participate in continuing education courses and other professional development activities to maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully support the institution’s mission and goals.

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