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USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital is the area’s leading provider of health services for newborn babies and their mothers. Labor and Delivery offers private birthing suites promoting family centered care. Our labor and delivery unit successfully delivers more than 2,800 babies each year, which is twice as many births as any other hospital in Mobile!

Visiting Information

General Guidelines

Labor and Delivery is a family centered environment and visiting by family members and friends is encouraged. However, visiting may be curtailed periodically due to the needs of the patient or the unit. When visitors are asked to leave, they should wait in the Labor and Delivery Waiting Room.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and are not allowed in the unit past 8:30 p.m. unless approved by the charge nurse.

Cell phones interfere with the functioning of medical equipment and may not be used in Labor and Delivery. Cell phones may be used in the Lobby and other areas outside Labor and Delivery.

As a consideration to all patients, visitors should keep noise levels to a minimum. Visitor guidelines are posted in each Labor and Delivery room and at the doorways into the Recovery Room and the Observation/Screening Room.

Labor and Delivery Room Guidelines

Patients may have up to five visitors at a time. However, they may be asked to reduce the number of visitors due to the needs of the patient or circumstances in the unit at the time. Other visitors are welcome to wait in the waiting room.

The number of visitors present for the birth will be at the physician and nurse’s discretion. Due to space constraints in the Operating Rooms, family members present for the birth are usually two; however, this may be modified based on the needs of the patient or surrounding circumstances. One family member/significant other may be at the head of the bed with the patient. Overnight visitation in the Labor and Delivery rooms may be limited to one visitor (especially for patients who are not in active labor and/or sleeping).

Observation/Screening Room and Holding Room

Patients may have up to two visitors at a time. Due to close proximity to other patients, children are asked to remain in the waiting room under the supervision of an adult family member or friend. If a patient is waiting in the Holding Room, one or two visitors may wait with her if space permits. If several patients are waiting in the Holding Room, visitors may be asked to wait in the waiting room.

Recovery Room Guidelines

Visiting in the Recovery Room is at the discretion of the nursing staff. General guidelines are as follows:
Pre-op patients may have 1-2 visitors
Post-op patients may have up to two visitors for short periods of time
Extended Recovery (overnight) or Intensive Care Patients: A maximum of two visitors is allowed for short periods of time.

Web Nursery

Our Web Nursery program allows families to share with family and friends via the Internet the exciting news of the arrival of their newborn! Please click here for more information.

Contact Information

Nurse Manager-Leslie Carley


Labor and Delivery is located on the first floor of USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital. Our telephone number is (251) 415-1160.


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