University of South Alabama

We have the area’s only Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for critically ill and injured children, featuring Mobile’s only board-certified pediatric critical care physicians, and we have the area’s only pediatric intensive care transport vehicle.

We have pediatric care available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Evaluation Center sees more than 30,000 patients annually, and is specially equipped and staffed to meet the unique needs of children.

Following is a list of services that the University of South Alabama Children's and Women's Hospital offers for pediatric care. You can click some of them for more detailed information and virtual tours to view different areas of the hospital.

Therapy Services at USA Children's & Women's Hospital offers a full range of physical, occupational and speech-language therapy for children and women.

Emergency Services
•Evaluation Center

Neonatal Critical Care
•Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
•Neonatal Transport Team

Patient Care Support Services
•Laboratory - Rosie Timbers
•Social Services
•Therapy Services

•Child Life Program
•Class Act Program
•Tree House
•Sibling Preparation
•Children's Bill of Rights

Pediatric Critical Care
•Pediatric Intensive Care
•Care for Kids: Pediatric Transport Vehicle
•Pediatric Outreach Program

Surgical Services
•Outpatient Surgery
•Recovery Room
•Operating Room

USS Hope


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