University of South Alabama

USA Medical Center

The University of South Alabama Medical Center is a 406-bed acute care facility, which serves as the primary teaching hospital for the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. It is the major referral center for southern Alabama, southern Mississippi, and portions of northwest Florida. The Medical Center offers many facilities, including centers for Level I Trauma, Burn Center, Cancer Center, Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, Organ Transplantation, and Sickle Cell Disease. Its sophisticated technology, combined with the desire, dedication, and determination of an acclaimed professional staff allows patients to receive the finest medical care available. This facility is the base hospital for categorical residents with all of the ward teams and ER rotations being centered here.

USA Children's & Women's Hospital

USA Children's & Women's Hospital is a 152-bed facility, offering medical, surgical, and obstetric services. Additionally, it is a 24-hour evaluation center. For the Med/Peds residents, half of your rotations will be based out of this facility.

Mobile Infirmary

Mobile Infirmary is a 704-bed hospital. It is the largest non-governmental, not-for-profit hospital in Alabama. It has modern state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and technology. It is located approximately five minutes away from the University of South Alabama Medical Center. The Mitchell Cancer Institute and Children's & Women's Hospital are located next door to the Infirmary campus. We have two ward teams there to provide medical care to our patients.

Infirmary West

Infirmary West joined Infirmary Health System in April 2006 and now continues the Infirmary's long standing tradition of providing quality healthcare to the community.  Our in-hospital service consists of two teams, four residents, and two interns. Each team is led by a University of South Alabama teaching attending physician.


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