University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama College of Medicine awards the Ph.D. degree in Basic Medical Sciences. In the first year all students are enrolled in an interdisciplinary core curriculum, which includes formal coursework, seminar series and journal clubs, "Meet the Discipline" forums, research rotations, and informal meetings with faculty.  By the end of the first year, students should have come to a decision on a Program and an agreement with a Ph.D. mentor.

Research training and advanced study are offered in seven formal advanced programs:

Advanced Programs
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Cancer Biology
Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Lung Biology
Microbiology and Immunology
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

The program provides training for students interested in academic careers in universities or medical institutions, or to a wide variety of research or administrative positions in government, non-profit or industry settings.

All students in the Ph.D. program receive a competitive stipend for full-time study. This includes Alabama residents, out-of state U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and foreign nationals. The current stipend is $23,000 per year. In addition, all students receive a full tuition waiver and single coverage health insurance.


Research Forum

Dr. Samual Strada, Dean of the College of Medicine, and Dr Ronald Balczon, Graduate Program Director

Graduate student Christhiaan Ochoa and undergraduate students Kaori Oshima and Hirotaka Ata

Graduate student Wei Feinstein and Dr. Johnson Haynes

Graduate student Mitchell Menezes and Dr. Tom Rich

Graduate students Samer Swedan and Darla Reed

Dr. Sarah Sayner

Graduate students Christhiaan Ochoa and Courtney Rothrock

Graduate student Luai Hasoun and Dr. Rajeev Samant

Graduate student
Abdallah Alzoubi

Graduate students Tracy Dodd and Michael Francis

Graduate student
Karen Morrison

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