University of South Alabama

Aronson, Nathan N., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
(251) 460-6402
Family 18 chitinases and related proteins: Structure and function in tissue remodeling; glycoprotein degradation and human disease 
Cioffi, Donna L., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

(251) 460-6943
Calcium signaling and autoantibodies in pulmonary endothelial barrier disruption. 


Gerthoffer, William T., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair

(251) 460-6856
MicroRNA gene silencing mechanisms in smooth muscle phenotype. Experimental RNAi-based therapy of pulmonary hypertension. Actin cytoskeleton and small heat shock proteins in vascular and airway smooth muscle contraction, cell migration and smooth muscle phenotype determination.

Honkanen, Richard E., Ph.D.

(251) 460-6859
Protein phosphatases (molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis; mechanisms of cardioprotective agents in ischemic myocytes). 


Lane, Roger S. Ph.D.
Associate Professor, retired

(251) 460-6842
Medical Biochemistry Education 

LeClaire, Lawrence L. III, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(251) 460-6080
 Actin cytoskeleton signaling in cell motility and cancer cell invasion.



 Steve_Lab coat.jpg

Lim, Steve (Ssang-Taek), Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(251) 460-6857
Integrin adhesion signaling in vascular inflammation and cancer, FAK, adhesion-mediated miRNA regulation




Adjunct Faculty

Ahn, Erin Eun-Young, Ph.D. (251) 445-9805

Pannell, L., Ph.D. (251) 414-8201

Sjoholm, Ake, Ph.D.

Singh, Ajay, Ph.D. (251) 445-9873 



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