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July 23, 2018 - Sobol joins editorial board of DNA Repair journal

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MOBILE, Alabama (7/23/18) -- Robert Sobol, Ph.D., chief of the Molecular and Metabolic Oncology Program at USA Mitchell Cancer Institute, has been named an associate editor of DNA Repair, a peer-reviewed scientific journal. As an associate editor, Sobol will handle submissions of manuscripts, determine if they are acceptable to be published, and identify scientists in a related field to review the manuscripts.

At MCI, Sobol’s lab team consists of seven cancer researchers. Their research focuses on the mechanism of base excision repair, PARP and NAD+ metabolism in human cells and the convergent role of these enzymes and pathways in response to environmental genotoxins and chemotherapy.

The research topic of interest for DNA Repair is the human genome, according to Sobol. The journal has a worldwide circulation, with almost 500,000 downloads in the United States alone.

Sobol, whose work has been published in DNA Repair, said the journal’s acceptance process usually takes around two months and that not all manuscripts are published. In 2016, the submission acceptance rate was 30.6 percent.

Next spring, Sobol will attend the annual editorial board meeting and says, “It’s a nice honor and a fun group to be a part of.”

(Photo above: Cancer researcher Dr. Robert W. Sobol of the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute displays a component of the 96-well CometChip system used in the study of DNA damage and repair on April 20, 2018.)


USA Mitchell Cancer Institute is the only academic cancer research and treatment facility on the upper Gulf Coast corridor, with offices in Mobile, Monroeville and Fairhope.

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