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Title   ECOG 3612
Principal Investigator/ Physician   Thomas W. Butler, MD
Protocol┬áNo.   ECOG 3612
Open Date   06/10/2014
Gender   Both
Cancer Site   Melanoma
Status   Closed to Enrollment
Sponsor   Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group
Contact Email   MCI Clinical Trials

Protocol Title:  "A randomized phase II of Ipilimumab with or without Bevacizumab in patients with unresectable Stage III or Stage IV Melanoma."

Inclusion criteria: ECOG 0-1. Untreated or previously received one treatment for measurable unresectable stage III or stage IV melanoma. Patients with BRAF mutation must be known. Prior treatment must be completed >4 weeks prior to randomization.

Exclusion criteria:  Patients with active infection, prior hypertensive crisis, CHF, history of MI or unstable angina, stroke or transient ischemic attack, peripheral vascular disease, bleeding diathesis or coagulopathy, surgical procedures within 4 weeks of randomization, biopsy or minor surgical procedure within 7 days of randomization, history of non-healing wound or ulcer.

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