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January 27, 2012 - Senior Bowl Players Visit Patients at USA Children's & Women's Hospital - Archived

Kristian George gets a newly autographed football from Coastal Carolina's Josh Norman while Arizona's Nick Foles jots her a note.

MOBILE – For a fun-filled hour on a Friday afternoon, the aches and pains were all but forgotten by many young patients at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital as the annual visit of the Senior Bowl players was underway.

College football stars were starring this day in patient rooms and hallways, visiting toddlers and teenagers who were at once awed and inspired by these larger-than-life gridiron standouts.

The Senior Bowl organization has gifted more than $536,000 to the hospital, for uses such as computers for children receiving treatment in the USS Hope cancer and sickle cell center, along with special golf carts that transport patients and families throughout the USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital campus, and extensive renovations to the hospital’s lobby.

Abby Vaughn was surrounded by supporters from the North, from left, Washington's Alameda Ta'amu, Wisconsin's Brad Nortman and Bradie Ewing and Donnie Fletcher of Boston College.

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