Medical Alumni Board of Directors

Governing the Association is a Board of Directors; a council comprised of 18 elected graduates from the College of Medicine. Led by an Executive Council, consisting of a President; Vice-President; Secretary-TreasurerChairAlumni and Student Services Committee, and the Immediate Past President, the Board takes pride in evaluating the needs of students and alumni and care is taken to invest in the issues and activities that will promote and sustain the positive reputation the College of Medicine enjoys.


Executive Board of Directors 

Dr. William E. Blaylock, ’89

Dr. John Todd, ’88
Vice President  

Dr. Chris Semple, ’85

Dr. Brandi Trammell, '02
Chair, Alumni and Student Services Committee

Dr. Kit Outlaw, '92
Immediate Past President


Dr. Oscar Almeida, Jr., ’85

Dr. Romsel Ang, '01

Dr. Matthew Cepeda, '03

Dr. Lamar Duffy, ’84  

Dr. Jason Dyken, '91

Dr. Grace Hundley, ’04

Dr. Wanda Kirkpatrick, ’78

Dr. Amy Morris, ’93 

Dr. Maryella Sirmon, ’78

Dr. Ed Panacek, '81

Dr. Wes Pickard, '88

Dr. Juan Ronderos, '85

Dr. Matthew McIntyre, '06


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