Joel Andrews, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor
Cellular and Biomolecular Imaging Facility

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USA Mitchell Cancer Institute
1660 Springhill Avenue
Mobile, Alabama 36604
(251) 533-2489 


Professional Profile

Research Interests:
- Super-resolution Microscopy Technologies
- Assay Development using Spectral Analysis
- Computational Image Analysis
- Image-based detection of Protein-protein interactions

- B.A. in Biology and German, Earlham College
- Ph.D., Basic Medical Science, University of South Alabama
- Postdoctoral Fellowship, Mitchell Cancer Institute

Professional Appointments:
- Manager, Cellular and Biomolecular Imaging Facility, USA Mitchell Cancer Institute (2011-present)

Professional Memberships:
- Microscopy Society of America (2012-present)

Honors and Academic Achievements:
- Alabama EPSCOR Graduate Research Scholars Program (2008-2010)
- NIH T32 Predoctoral Training Program in Cell Signaling and Lung Pathobiology (2005-2008)
- Fulbright Research Fellow in Vienna, Austria (2000-2001)

Selected Publications:
1. Andrews, J.F., Sykora, L.J., Letostak, T.B., Menezes, M.E., Mitra, A., Barik, S., Shevde L.A., Samant, R.S.  Cellular Stress stimulates nuclear localization signal (NLS) independent nuclear transport of MRJ. Exp. Cell Res. 2012, Jun 10; 318(10):1086-93.

2. Basu A, Das P, Chaudhuri S, Bevilacqua E, Andrews J, Barik S, Hatzoglou M, Komar AA, Mazumder Requirement of rRNA methylation for 80S ribosome assembly on a cohort of cellular internal ribosome entry sites.B. Mol Cell Biol. 2011 Nov;31(22):4482-99.

3. Musiyenko A, Majumdar T, Andrews J, Adams B, Barik S. PRMT1 methylates the single Argonaute of Toxoplasma gondii and is important for the recruitment of Tudor nuclease for target RNA cleavage by antisense guide RNA. Cell Microbiol. 2012 Jun;14(6):882-901.

4. Swedan S, Andrews J, Majumdar T, Musiyenko A, Barik S. Multiple functional domains and complexes of the two nonstructural proteins of human respiratory syncytial virus contribute to interferon suppression and cellular location. J Virol. 2011 Oct;85(19):10090-100.


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