University of South Alabama

The Medical Alumni Association


The Medical Alumni Association is dedicated to creating and maintaining a beneficial relationship between graduate physicians and the College of Medicine. Since 1976, the University of South Alabama College of Medicine has graduated 2,336 physicians. We promote the professional advancement of our membership and support student activities that enhance medical education.  The collective support from our perpetually growing membership makes our achievements possible.

Medical Alumni Office Contact Information:

Melodie Robinson, Assistant Director:

Cyndy Harris, Secretary:

Medical Alumni Office:

Racheal Banks, Director, Health Sciences Development:

2012-2014 Medical Alumni Association Executive Board

Dr. Jill F. Ringold, '01, President

Dr. Oscar Almeida, '85

Dr. William Blaylock, '89

Dr. Lamar Duffy, '84

Dr. Diana Hashimi, '90

Dr. Johnson Haynes, '80

Dr. Russell Hudgens, '87

Dr. Grace Hundley, '04

Dr. Wanda Kirkpatrick, '78

Dr. Amy M. Morris, '93

Dr. Kit Outlaw, '92

Dr. Christopher Semple, '85

Dr. Maryella Sirmon, '78

Dr. John Todd, '88



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