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Alabama ACC 2018 Winter Meeting

The A Team:  L-R - back: Dr. Malozzi, Abi, Umar, Hassan. L-R - front: Sarina, Sajjad

All very attentive & eager to learn! Well, Almost all!!

Sarina & Dr. Malozzi

Abi & Dr. Omar

Hassan & Dr. Omar

Sarina & Dr. Omar

Time for lunch; what a wonderful bunch!

Happy to eat; poster session is complete!

Dr. Malozzi conducting jeopardy

Answering the Impossible!

Proud & Confident!

Admirable Opponents!

Fierce Competition!

Jeopardy Competition Winners & Faculty
Congratulations to Umar & all the winners! Incredible performance!!
Congratulations & Appreciations to the faculty! Amazing job!!

Group picture at the end of the conference; memorable! 
Congratulations Sajjad: First place winner in poster competition! 
Congratulations Sarina: Third place winner in poster competition! Impressive!!

Return to the Vulcan: Sajjad is learning history!

At the foot of the Giant! (L-R: Sarina, Umar, Sajjad, Hassan)
(Sajjad is trying to snip the giant's ingrown toenail! always resourceful!!)

At the foot of the Giant! (L-R: Dr. Omar, Sarina, Sajjad, Hassan)

Vulcan Tower: L-R: Umar, Sajjad, Hassan, Sarina
What a Breathtaking Sight; 4 Frozen Fellows Overlooking Birmingham at Night!
Great job Umar: Second year in a row climbing up the Vulcan Tower! Sarina & Hassan following footsteps!!

Cold, tired and hungry! Nothing like a warm meal before heading back to Mobile!!
(Sajjad is demonstrating the Levine sign!)


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