University of South Alabama

USA College of Medicine Administration

Ronald D. Franks, M.D., VP for Health Sciences
CSAB 170
(251) 460-7189

Samuel J. Strada, Ph.D., Dean, College of Medicine
MSB 2015
(251) 460-6041
(251) 460-6073 Fax

Mailing address:
5851 USA Drive N., Rm 2015
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL 36688

Johnson Haynes, M.D., Assistant Dean for Diversity and Cultural Competence & Director, Sickle Cell Center
(251) 470-5893

Dan Roach, M.D., Assistant Dean for Medical Informatics Education
(251) 414-8172

Troy Stevens, Ph.D., Director, Center for Lung Biology
(251) 460-7086

USA College of Medicine Admissions

Jonathan G. Scammell, Ph.D., Assistant Dean

Mark Scott, Director
CSAB 241
(251) 460-7176
(251) 460-6278 Fax

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Basic Medical Sciences

Ronald Balczon, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies

Lanette Flagge, Academic Advisor
MSB 2366
(251) 460-6153
(251) 460-6071 Fax

USA Biomedical Library

Judith Burnham, M.L.S., Director
(251) 460-6886

Office of Faculty Affairs 

Mary I. Townsley, Ph.D., Associate Dean
MSB 3024
(251) 460-7708 or -6815
(251) 460-6386 Fax

Dean's Office, Faculty Records
MSB 2015
(251) 460-7187 

Graduate Medical Education

Samuel A. McQuiston, M.D., Assistant Dean
(251) 471-7871 

Undergraduate Medical Education 

Susan P. Ledoux, Ph.D., Associate Dean
MSB 1005
(251) 460-7174

Benjamin Estrada, M.D., Assistant Dean

Anthony Gard, Ph.D., Assistant Dean

Jeffrey Sosnowski, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Dean

Educational Technologies & Services
(251) 460-6317

Office of Student Affairs

Susan LeDoux, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Medical Education & Student Affairs
MSB 1005
(251) 460-7174

Hattie M. Myles, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Student Affairs and Educational Enrichment
(251) 460-7313  

Sharon Bull, B.A., Office of Financial Aid
(251) 460-7918

Student Records
(251) 460-7180
(251) 460-6761 Fax

Office of Medical Alumni Affairs

Melodie M. Robinson, B.S., Director
CSAB 247
(251) 460-6805





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