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Student Preceptorship Program in Family Medicine

This program will involve students working with practicing family physicians in their offices for most of the summer. A stipend may be available to help with living expenses. Students are especially encouraged to work with rural family physicians (perhaps in your home area), but some sites in Mobile will also be potentially available. For an application or more information, contact Dr. Allen Perkins, chair of Family Medicine, at 434-3486.

Summer Research Program

The College of Medicine has a Summer Research Program for students who desire to study an area of science in depth. This program allows upcoming first and second year medical students to gain a better appreciation for biomedical research. The program consists of a minimum of ten (10) weeks and provides a stipend of $2,500.00 to the participants, while the American Heart Association sponsors three cardiovascular research projects with $4,000 plus $500 for supplies per medical student. Qualified students are encouraged to review the project proposals submitted by faculty and request to work on the project of their choice. The matching of the student and the investigator is on the basis of mutual acceptance. The faculty sponsor will supply research space and supplies for the student's research project.

Summer research participants are required to attend regularly scheduled seminars on topics such as: biosafety issues in the lab; statistics; research integrity and scientific misconduct; care and use of animals; and advances in biomedical research. Participants will also receive certification in radiation safety training. The culmination of the summer's work is the presentation summary of research findings at the Annual Medical Student Research Day. Students may elect to present their summer research as either a poster or oral slide presentation.

Stipends must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service and are subject to taxation according to IRS guidelines. Students who do not complete the entire summer program, including attendance at Student Research Day, will not receive final stipend checks. Incoming students accepted into the program but who do not matriculate at USA College of Medicine will be required to repay stipends.

Schedule of Activities

March 1 -- Faculty proposal booklets distributed by Office of the Dean

Mid April -- Deadline for submission of student applications

Late April -- Letters of award sent to students

Early June -- Summer Research Program begins

Late July -- Deadline for submission of abstract titles

August -- Deadline for submission of complete abstracts

Early August -- Medical Student Research Day

Summer Research Projects in Family Medicine

The USA Department of Family Medicine has funds available to support medical student summer research projects with USA faculty. Students selected to participate in this program are paid $2,500.00 for approximately 12 weeks of work over the summer. The schedule can be somewhat flexible, depending on the needs of the individual projects and the students. The students work on research projects supervised by departmental faculty. Goals are to familiarize the students with appropriate research techniques, to introduce the students to certain topics relevant to Family Medicine, to establish relationships between the students and our Family Medicine faculty members, and to complete meaningful research projects with publishable results.

Any students interested in these projects or with ideas for other studies are encouraged to contact the Department of Family Medicine at 434-3486 for further information.

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