The USA Center for Human Performance and Joint Restoration provides highly structured and comprehensive programs that offer diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative services to the athlete and non-athlete for sports and arthritic related orthopedic injuries and conditions. Patients are initially evaluated by one of our physicians. Orthopedic and sports physical therapists, nurse practitioners, athletic trainers, and exercise physiologists provide specialized assistance to the patient.

A Team Effort

If an injury or orthopedic condition does occur, you owe yourself the proper treatment and care offered by the medical professionals at The University of South Alabama Center for Human Performance and Joint Restoration. Our team approach guarantees that your specific needs will be addressed with nothing overlooked.

A Unique Collaboration

The USA Center for Human Performance and Joint Restoration provides a unique surgical and educational collaboration of individuals and resources due to its affiliation with a major teaching university. Division I intercollegiate athletic competition is an integral component of activities at The University of South Alabama. Our orthopedic, healthcare and exercise physiologist specialists have developed a comprehensive sports medicine program to enable our elite athletes to perform at the highest level. In addition, our nationally and internationally recognized clinical and basic science research provides the latest surgical and rehabilitative techniques to enable our athletes to get back on the field as soon as possible. Much of this research also assists with various aspects of orthopedic surgery such as cartilage transplantation and the treatment of joint and arthritic conditions. The physicians and staff of the USA Center for Human Performance and Joint Restoration work on a daily basis with all types of patients and competitive and recreational athletes from a variety of disciplines and a wide range of levels. A professional athlete recovering from a knee, ankle or shoulder injury or the individual suffering from joint trauma or arthritis; each will find the care and services they need.

If you have questions about services or wish to make an appointment to be seen, please contact us at (251) 665-8200 or through our direct e-mail at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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